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Our Medical Billing & Coding Series

MS Office Books and Free Online Videos

Learn about pivot tables, formulas, functions, charting, subtotals, database functions and more. Beginning through Advanced features.

Excel Beginning and Beyond
Excel Intermediate
Excel Advanced

Think you know Word? Think again. Learn about Mail Merge, Headers and Footers, Tables, Paragraph Formatting, Page Layout, Indenting, Managing Your Files, and more. Suitable for Beginning through Advanced users.

Word Beginning and Beyond
Word Intermediate

Learn about database theory and query creation in our clear, easy lessons. Suitable for beginning and advanced users.

Access Beginning
Access Intermediate

Press Reviews and Testimonials


"…well-thought-out and well-designed pages."

The New York Times
L.R. Shannon

"Clearly written training guides"

The Kiplinger Washington Letter

Not what you're looking for? Maybe Google can help!


"Screen replicas in the book help you follow what’s supposed to be on your screen and the text has simple (not simplistic) instructions….This is probably the most complete manual you could have for self-learning or helping to teach others in a classroom situation. Well-organized and easy to reference, thanks to a comprehensive index."

Dona Mcliach
San Diego Online Computers

",…graced with clear writing, lots of examples and helpful graphics. Once you finish even half the book you’ll consider yourself and expert."

Scripps-Howard News Service
Evansville Courier
Evansville, Indiana


"If you spend the time and follow the lessons, you’ll probably know more…than anyone else in your office."

David Hoye
Arizona Republic /Phoenix Gazette

"The best computer learning manuals I have ever seen easy to use, comprehensive, and scrupulously accurate."

Paul M. McNeil, Director
Division of Continuing Education
Columbia University


"The Finney self-paced courses make my job easier and the students really learn! Nothing else even comes close."

Bessie Bray
Business Education Teacher
New York City Board of Education

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