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Instructor teaching at Finney Learning

About Finney Learning Systems

Since 1985, Finney Learning Systems has been a recognized leader in computer training. Founded by Doug Finney, an adjunct instructor at Columbia University, its step-by-step training manuals have been praised by publications such as the The New York Times, Scripps-Howard News Service and The Kiplinger Washington Newsletter and have been used by universities, corporations, community colleges, business schools, and individuals nation-wide. Their completeness, their literary style, and even their metal spiral binding, set our manuals apart.

Step-by-Step Manuals

The step-by-step manuals are written in plain English with clear and simple explanations. The page design is easy on the eyes, and a wealth of graphics and illustrations clearly show the steps to be taken. There is a manual for virtually every level of student. A CD of practice files comes with each manual and each volume contains a thorough index.


In addition to clarity, the comprehensiveness of our manuals is the attribute that has attracted prestigious customers to our product for years. Almost every aspect of a feature is fully described and nothing is glossed over.

Online Tutorials

FLS is in the process of creating free online tutorials that will complement its manuals. The videos are narrated by Doug Finney and are almost identical to the manual lessons. They can be used alone or in conjunction with the manuals. These online videos are a new and distinctive voice in computer training for the same reasons that our manuals stand apart.

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